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18 moths Warranty
  • M.R.P.: ₹6,786.00
  • Price: ₹5,000.00 In Stock

  • Ex Tax: ₹6,400.00

Designed for Indian conditions : Specially designed Polypropylene container, corners reinforced with ribs, ensures the battery is strong enough to withstand bumps and vibrations

Technology : Optimized Alloy System to suit high temperature and low maintenance application

Reduced effect of vibration : Compact element design ensures battery can withstand high vibration in application

Easy handling & spill proof : Special Omega type cover design fitted with Venturi type chamber cover & Anti-splash guard feature – excellent spill resistance characteristic

Instant start every time : Good cranking power and better life expectancy ensure customer satisfaction

Ready to use : Batteries are factory charged and ready to use condition

Hyundai Venue

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